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Councillor candidate bludgeoned on campaign trail

A TOWER HAMLETS candidate was attacked and seriously injured yesterday, 6th April, while out campaigning ahead of the Council elections on 3rd May. Abdullah Al Mamun is a candidate for the ASPIRE party, standing in St Katharine’s & Wapping ward.

Warning: explict images of injury below – viewer caution advised

Mr Mamun was knocking on doors in Reardon House, Reardon Street in Wapping when the incident occurred. As he stood on a landing, having just knocked on a door, he was hit on the head by one or more assailants who had come up behind him.

The assailants hit Mr Mamun a number of times, causing major trauma. He had to seek urgent medical attention and his wounds needed ten stitches. Mr Mamun did not see his assailants but has reported the attack to the police.

Abdullah Al Mamun said, “I thought I was going to die. I felt that my head had split in two with the blood pouring out. I have been a dedicated community worker all my life. I entered politics so that I could continue to help people. I never dreamed that for my community work and public service I would be attacked.

“I do not know who attacked me but I was  threatened on 23rd March outside Wapping Noorani Mosque, Prusom Street, around 2pm by a couple of men who said, ‘don’t come around campaigning in our area otherwise we will sort you out.’ The names and address of these men have been handed over to the police. I call on all politicians and political parties to ask their supporters to behave respectfully and ethically.”

Aspire Party Mayor Candidate Abul Monsur Ohid Ahmed said:, “I am totally disgusted at the behaviour of these thugs. My heartfelt sympathies to Abdullah Al Monsur and his family. I will do everything I can to support him through these difficult times. These are such terrible times that political candidates cannot campaign in safety without fearing being attacked.”



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