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Celebrating the best of the British Bangladeshi community

The Bangla Mirror Group, publishers of the British Bangladeshi Who’s Who publication, held a press conference on Thursday, 22nd October at the London Muslim Centre to announce the launch of the much anticipated 2015 publication.

The official launch of the British Bangladeshi Who’s Who 2015 publication and award is being held in the Meridian Grand in North London on Thursday, 5th November. Many high profile dignitaries, celebrities and guests are expected to attend.

The first British Bangladeshi Who’s Who was published in 2008, with gala dinners being held each year to mark the launch of that year’s list. This year’s British Bangladeshi Who’s Who gala event promises to be the best to date – with the publication matching its high standard. The publishers have unearthed some exciting new faces which feature in this year’s publication, and there will be several hotly anticipated awards.

Shahadoth Karim, editor of the publication, said, “the publication and awards ceremony has now become in many people’s eyes an important date in the calendar for British Bangladeshis.”

The British Bangladeshi Who’s Who publication celebrates the best of the British Bangladeshi community and is the definitive guide to the most successful, influential and highest achieving people from the Bangladeshi community in Britain. This is the eighth year of the publication and its originality and high quality have ensured its longevity.

Abdul Karim (Goni), Editor-in-Chief of the British Bangladeshi Who’s Who said, “The publication is a living memory of the hard work and struggles of our community, which has contributed immensely to Britain.”

Like them or loathe them, the British Bangladeshi Who’s Who lists have always held a fascinating place in our society. What is undeniable is that they make compelling publications for the rest of us. As ever, the publishers are not giving everything away in the hope that those attending the 2015 launch will be fascinated and surprised by this year’s announcements.


The Bangla Mirror Group started publishing the first English weekly newspaper for the British Bangladeshis, known as Bangla Mirror, in October 2002. Since then the company has rapidly expanded and now it also publishes the British Bangladeshi Who’s Who, an annual publication that list the profiles of the best of the British Bangladeshi community in the UK.

The media partners of the gala dinner included Channel S, G10 Design & printer, Bangla Post, London Bangla TV, Medialink, Eastern Pride, Film Asia, Impress Media, UKBD News as well as Probash Bangla.

Organisations which are supporting the 2015 event are: Biman Bangladesh Airlines, JMG Cargo, Prime Estate Agent, Taj Solicitors, Stirling & Co, Excelsior Sylhet, Hillside Travels, SmartCar, UKAY Jewellers Group, Energise Health Club, Stirling & Co, Dhaka Premier Hotel, Chef Online, PCO Claims, General Auto, Tarana Group, Air Express, Eurasia food Service, Southall Mela, Hussain Travels, Careworld London Ltd, AL-Amin Travels, Rose View Hotel, Al-Haramain Group, Everard Construction Management, Unisoft, Quilfords Accountancy, Jol Drink and Sangeeta.

More information, including past lists, can be found on: www.bbwhoswho.co.uk