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Blood, thunder – then Kurar Bazarcruise home

A REGIONAL tournament in Beanibazar, in the Sylhet district of Bangladesh, finished with a blood-and-thunder derby final – with one of the teams led by an East London coach.

FC Kurar Bazar beat Akakhazana 2-0 during an end to end final at Kurar Bazar School Fields. The victors were led by Docklands Football Club and Ekota Academy Head Coach Emdad Rahman, who was assisted by Shablu Ahmed. The away team were crowned champions and took home the spoils from a 16 team Ward tournament.

Before warm up, the team took part in a community litter pick in the local bazaar as part of their active citizens programme. The initiative has been well received by locals.

DFC Kurar Bazar 2023

Head coach: Emdad Rahman
Team assistant: Shablu Ahmed

Team:  Farhan Ahmed – Mahfuj Rahman – Tanvir Ahmed – Foysol Ahmed – Ahmed Olid – Younus Rahman – Forhad Husen – Kamran Ahmed – Ashraf Ahmed – Saif Uddin – Abu Sahid

Man of the tournament: Younus Rahman

In the tenth minute Luqman Ahmed misjudged the bounce of the ball from a long punt by Mahfujur Rahman. As the ball spun, causing havoc in the defence, Kamran Ahmed capitalised by driving home a rasping half volley on the turn past goalkeeper Shahed Ahmed.

DFC Kurar Bazar controlled the first half, with Tanvir Ahmed and Saif Uddin going close. The second half started as did the first, with Foysol Ahmed linking with Abu Sahid to stem constant pressure from the home team. It was on the counter that DFC Captain Ahmed Olid scored the crucial second goal after being played through by Ashraf Ahmed.

A minute later a foul in the penalty area led to a penalty for Akakhazana, which struck goalkeeper Farhan Ahmed’s bar and went over. An immediate and long punt by Ahmed was knocked on by Younus Rahman and handled in the penalty area by Rahat Rahman – for another penalty. Forhad Husen’s rocket shot was precise but the lack of accuracy saw the ball blaze high and wide.

Good game management and tightened possession in the middle of the park saw DFC cruise home as referee Foisol Kabir blew the final whistle to end an entertaining game. Abdul Mumit, Mahbub Ahmed and Jahangir Ahmed were guests of honour at the game and handed out trophies to all participants.

DFC Head Coach Emdad Rahman MBE commented, “This was a blood-and-thunder local derby played with great decorum and friendship. Both teams are neighbours and the relationship between each set of players and the coaches goes back generations. Naturally we share commiserations with Akakhazana, who did superbly to navigate a 16 team tournament. I’m very proud of the boys and how well they stuck to the game plan today.”

Rahman has been supporting the youngsters over a number of years with backing from the players and management at Docklands Football Club in providing coaching, mentoring and kits. Special thanks were reserved for Kamrul Islam Shujon for his rousing live match commentary on a sound system.

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