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Bangladesh Independence marked in East London

Emdad Rahman

A 46TH BANGLADESH Independence Day celebration has taken place to commemorate the birth of Bangladesh. The get together at the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman monument in Sidney Street, Whitechapel, involved tributes to the 1971 martyrs. 

Community leader Afsar Khan Sadek hosted the event. He said, “Today we remember the sacrifices of the countless martyrs who shed blood for our beloved country. Their sacrifices will never be forgotten.”

Other speakers including Ahad Choudhury, Sharob Ali, Shuhel Choudhury, Jamal Khan and acting UK Awami League Secretary Noim Uddin Riaz, who spoke about the significance of Victory Day.

Sultan Mahmood Sharif, UK Awami League President, concluded, “We remember the departed souls and the martyrs of our liberation war martyrs and wish prosperity and peace for the people of our beloved Bangladesh.”

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