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Bangladesh District Cup 2023: Noakhali Weilders

Emdad Rahman

Team name: Noakhali Weilders
Manager’s name: Abdul Hannan
President: Shams Tipu
Advisor: Ahmad Jamil Badol
Secretary: Rahat Amin
Club Captain : Ashraful Islam Johnny

Bionic man Ashraful Islam is leading his hind town in the Cup this year; “I’m proud to be leading this great team. We have talent in abundance and it is down to us to fuse all this together and make an impact.”

Bangladesh all rounder Md Sharifullah will be the icon player representing Noakhali.

The Bangladesh District Cup 2023 will take place at Seven Kings Park. Group games will take place on 12th and 13th September whilst the semi finals and final will take place on Sunday 17th September.

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