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#100aires Art Exhibition

Microsoft Mobile reinvent the rules of retail shopping by launching a pop up store with a difference. A selection of young creative’s will be displaying their works for art lovers to purchase but only with the use of social currency and the sharing of imagery, will customers be able to acquire their favourite pieces. Hard earned cash has no value in this store, social scores will equal your social currency.

When:  Wednesday 2nd – Sunday 6th July 2014
Where: The Old Truman Brewery
Why:    To mark the launch of the new Nokia Lumia 630, Microsoft Mobile highlights and celebrates the ‘Hundredaire’
Cost: FREE
Details: The exhibition will include art from Louis Morlet, Nick Scout and Poppy Nash

Microsoft Mobile launch their ‘#100aires Exhibition’ at The Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, East London. Reinventing the rules of retail shopping, the mobile device company enables consumers to use social currency, to purchase exclusive art pieces.

In association with the launch of the new Nokia Lumia 630, the pop up shop will run from Wednesday 2nd – Sunday 6th July 2014, to celebrate and support young individuals who use their social influence to make a difference with their everyday activities.

Consumers who visit the exhibition can view a number of art pieces available to purchase and will be able to bid their interest to take their favoured item home. Each art piece will have it’s own social value therefore; an individual’s social score will determine what they can afford to purchase. To identify a consumers social score, Microsoft partnered with website and mobile app Klout, who use social media analytics to rank users according to their online social influence. The users ‘Klout Score’ will then form the basis of each visitor’s purchasing power, the larger their social influence, the more social currency they will have to spend.

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