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Sonali Othith announce Nowka Bais

Emdad Rahman

To celebrate the success of the Greater Sylhet Cup, Sonali Othith (Golden Past) is pleased to announce a veterans Nowka Bais. The contest will see Upazilas from the Bangladeshi region of Sylhet represented and teams will participate in an invite only basis.

In rural Bangladesh Nowka Bais events are traditional dragon boat style races which  lake place during the monsoon season. The events are full of fantastic colour flair and garner huge support from participants and visitors.

Sonali Othith Chair Dawlath Khan Babul said, “Our motto is ‘Sports for all, Sports for life’, and following on from the wonderful spectacle of the Greater Sylhet Cup we are continuing the momentum. It is tremendous to see the older generations rekindling their desire for sporting activity.”


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