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Not in our name; not in our city

MUSLIMS FROM across London will come together on 17th June in Whitechapel to hold a silent rally – assembling at 5.30pm in Altab Ali Park. The group will then process to London Bridge to show solidarity with fellow Londoners who have been victims of recent terror attacks.

The event has been organised by the London Muslim Alliance, which has been set up by young Muslims from various backgrounds as a direct response to the London Bridge atrocities.

When they reach London Bridge, the Group will deliver a simple message:
London is our home.
Not in our name.
Not in our city.

The organisers of the event explain:
We want to make a stand against those few people who claim our beautiful religion and attack our city.
We want to show solidarity with our fellow Londoners to oppose those who sow the seeds of hatred and division, whatever their background.
London is a place where we live, study and work. We also contribute to the economic well-being of this beautiful city which we call “home”.
As Muslims, our faith teaches us that our neighbours must be safe from any harm. All Londoners are our neighbours.
We hope all our Muslim brothers and sisters will reach out to fellow Londoners in solidarity and create a more positive impression of our faith and community.
The Group will be breaking their fast with everyone at London Bridge.

You can watch the event live on LB24 TV. Go to:


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