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Met “tough on knives” after New Year stabbings

THE METROPOLITAN POLICE have confirmed that they will continue to prioritise tackling knife crime over the next year. Deputy Commissioner Sir Craig Mackey renewed this pledge after four young men were stabbed to death over the New Year.

The Deputy Commissioner addressed the recent murders, saying, “Millions of Londoners celebrated New Year’s Eve peacefully and safely, but four families who lost loves ones in violent circumstances got the worst news imaginable and our thoughts remain with them and everyone affected by what has taken place.

Deputy Commissioner Sir Craig Mackey

“This number of violent deaths in any 24-hour period is highly unusual, and detectives are working around the clock to bring those responsible to justice. We have made arrests in two of these cases, with active lines of enquiry in each of the investigations being pursued. We would urge anybody who has any information about these murders that might assist detectives to contact police.”

Sir Craig then went on to talk about the Metropolitan Police attitude towards knife crime more generally, “Tackling serious violence and knife crime in London remains a number one priority for the Met, but Londoners need to pull together to tackle this issue. From community weapon sweeps, proactive operations that happen daily and engagement with schools, Met officers are working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as part of our firm commitment to reducing knife crime amongst young people. The success of Operation Winter Nights saw more than 350 weapons seized in November and December.”

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He also committed the Metropolitan Police to working with local communities to stop this dangerous practice, saying, “We need to find out why some young people think it is acceptable to carry knives, and this is where community organisations and local initiatives, charities, schools and educators, youth workers and families all have an important role to play in changing this mindset. We can all do more to protect young people, and I would urge anybody who has information about those engaged in violent crime to speak to police. Your call could help save a life.”

Anyone with information about knife crime can contact the police via 101 – but always dial 999 in an emergency.  Alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers on 0800-555 111, where you can give information anonymously.

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