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Parking - the affected zones

Cllr Khales Uddin Ahmed to the rescue?

COUNCILLORS and residents united in questioning new plans from John Bigg to charge more for parking in Tower Hamlets, is it possible that Labour Councillor Khales Uddin Ahmed has come to the rescue?

The following letter has been circulating on social media, suggesting that the Labour Councillor who represents Bromley North has made representations to John Biggs – and negotiated a successful outcome.

Dear Labour Party Members and Residents of Tower Hamlets,
I know many of you have been distressed and worried by the consultation with regards to parking in Tower Hamlets.
I have taken the issue up with the Mayor. Mayor John Biggs has informed me that he does not support any changes and that the consultation was badly thought of and designed.
He has asked me to convey this to everyone concerned.
Yours Sincerely,
Cllr. Khales Uddin Ahmed, Bromley North

To date there has been no confirmation that the letter is genuine. Cllr Ahmed does represent an area which would be affected by the proposed extension to the controlled parking hours, so he may well have spoken to John Biggs about the issue. However, the idea that John Biggs’s Administration is consulting about a new proposal which John Biggs does not support is hardly plausible.

It has also been something of a season for spoof letters – so caution is advised.

We can all only look forward to comprehensive clarification from the Town Hall.

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