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Did polls help bring in the Tories?

As voters trudged to polling stations on 7th May 2015, they knew they were participating in the UK’s largest exercise in practical democracy by freely casting their vote for the political party of their choice. Now it seems that they ...

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Cameron to reshuffle Cabinet norms

David Cameron will admit tomorrow that he cannot exert his authority on his own Cabinet, the BBC believes. The BBC claims that Prime Minister David Cameron will announce tomorrow that he will allow Cabinet Ministers to campaign either for or ...

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Labour canes new Tory maths test

Labour and the National Union of Teachers have derided the Tories’ plans to test primary school pupils on their times tables. They seemed to have a point, as both the Prime Minister and the Education Secretary refused to answer times ...

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Cameron on a roll: take cover now

The Christmas message slot has been taken – the Queen got their first – so UK Prime Minister David Cameron has been bumped into the New Year’s message slot. Take cover. Cameron is still a relatively weak Leader. Although his ...

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