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You couldn’t make it up

Emdad Rahman reviews Fake News: Strange historical facts reimagined in the world of Donald Trump. IN A NUTSHELL, this book is lampooning of Olympic Gold standards by witty, Newham-based Author David Hutter. The digest by the 38 year old begins with ...

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MCM London Comic Con is a great success

THE SECOND MCM London Comic Con of 2017 – the 32nd show overall – has now closed its doors after a successful three day celebration of pop culture featuring UK exclusives, iconic celebrities, superheroes, and thousands of pop culture fans, ...

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Rewind Review: The Shining (1980) Returns to Cinemas

Wildfyre reviews The Shining, which can be seen in cinemas on Hallowe’en. Adaptations and reboots of Stephen King’s work are popular right now, what with The Dark Tower, It, and Gerald’s Game recently released and with many others in development. Plus, with it being Hallowe’en it only ...

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The rise of the modern day baker

WE’RE IN THE MIDST midst of a baking resurgence with homemade marvels whetting our appetites everywhere we turn. From bragging rights on social media to the mass of cooking shows battling it out on the box, it would appear that dusting ...

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By Faiz Akbor, aged 15 The majority of our people here are made of clear glass. Not a single spec of dust on their smooth skin. You can see right through them for they have no hidden stories or secrets ...

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