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Bradford shoppers help food bank

IT WAS “buy one, give one for free” in the run up to Christmas as Human Relief Foundation (HRF) volunteers asked shoppers to support a local food bank. The volunteers helped shoppers pack their bags at checkouts in the local branch of Morrisons in the Bramley part of Bradford. As well as collecting cash donations, the fundraisers asked shoppers to buy an extra item and donate it to the local food bank.

Suzanne Hala, who was out fundraising on Christmas Eve, said: “I could not believe how generous everybody was. The Christmas spirit was really strong. It was a really cheerful thing to do; it was a really uplifting experience. People were cramming their bags full of all the goodies for Christmas and collecting for the homeless seemed to really strike a chord with people.” She praised HRF for its approach: raising money to help with crises around the world, but also remembering the needy at home.

HRF was helping the Bradford Central Food Bank, which is part of the Trussell Trust. The Trust distributed over 500,000 three day emergency food packs to people in crisis in the UK between April and September last year: an annual rate of one million people needing emergency help.

The Bradford Food Bank is particularly keen to receive donations of tinned vegetables, fruit juice, biscuits and carriers bags, which can be handed in at HRF Bradford, 2 Claremont during office hours.

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