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Attack near Weavers Fields

ATTACK TOOK place in the wooded area adjacent to Weavers Fields last Tuesday. Two young teenagers were set upon by two older men of Eastern European appearance who spoke to each other in what appeared to be an Eastern European language. The attackers were demanding money from the youngsters, but racist language was also used towards the victims.

The attackers filmed their attack on the youngsters and the film has appeared in many places on social media. It quickly found its way into the Bangladeshi community, where it was circulated widely again.

London Bangla has viewed the video, but we are not sharing it further at the request of the police. Above is a still taken from the area, before the violence broke out. It appears that those attacked in this footage have not suffered any serious physical injury. However, there is clearly concern that the suspects in this attack may attack again – either at the same place or elsewhere in East London.

Young people out and about in the Borough this summer should pay attention to their own safety. Measures which can increase your safety include not travelling alone but sticking with a friend, telling parents where you are and not talking to strangers. That may sound trite or patronising, but these are simple steps which can help youngsters to keep safe.

If you can help police with any information about the attack last Tuesday, or if you have been attacked in this area or similar circumstances, phone them on 101 and quote the reference CAD8345 260717. The police are very over-stretched at the moment, but they are committed to keeping the Borough safe: do report any attacks that have happened to you or yours.

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