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Christmas support campaign for homeless

Emdad Rahman NEWARK YOUTH LONDON, in partnership with JustSmiles, has launched a Christmas Smiles campaign to help those sleeping rough during the festive season. Meghna Uddin of Newark Youth London has been co-ordinating a fundraiser which has involved bringing together ...

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Rewind Review: The Shining (1980) Returns to Cinemas

Wildfyre reviews The Shining, which can be seen in cinemas on Hallowe’en. Adaptations and reboots of Stephen King’s work are popular right now, what with The Dark Tower, It, and Gerald’s Game recently released and with many others in development. Plus, with it being Hallowe’en it only ...

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Energy for the many, not just the few

JEREMY CORBYN’s Labour Party has pledged to cut household bills for energy, water and post – by bringing companies running these services into public ownership when it forms a government. The Party estimates that the move could save the average ...

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Yet another murder in Newham

STABBINGS AND shootings are cutting down young men in Newham at a rate it is hard to follow. Now police have revealed that an incident which occurred in Plashet Road last Thursday has led to a 31 year old man ...

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