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Oh, brother!

Akshay Kumar’s new film Brothers is out on Friday, 14th August – but if you can’t get to see it straight away, you can catch “The Brothers Anthem” online. Sung by Vishal Dadlani, it’s a fast paced song which shows the lead actors, Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra, in full training mode.

Director Karan Malhotra explains, “The song comes at a point when the two brothers , David (Akshay) and Monty (Sidharth), are given an entry into the tournament R 2 F (Right To Fight). They are excited and start training for it. The song also simultaneously conveys an idea of the media coverage — how the tournament is being accepted by the government and the people, building an excitement around the tournament.”

Th “Anthem” showcases the two distinct styles of David and Monty. David is more of a technical and methodical fighter, while Monty favours brute force. The song ends with the appearance of several international fighters who have competed in MMA and WWE arriving for the tournament.

Akshay’s sequence was shot on top of the Worli Fort where a gym similar to Akshay’s personal one was created, so that they could recreate the type of fitness regime he follows in his personal life.

Akshay PicSpeaking of Akshay Kumar’s personal life, the actor was busy shooting his new film Singh is Bling in Romania recently, when his suit suddenly ripped. This outfit was particularly designed for the film, so the crew had to look for a tailor to fix the damage instantly. A local, 89 year-old, Romanian grandmother came to Akshay’s rescue and helped the actor with her sewing skills. She fetched her own sewing machine from home and fixed the tear, allowing filming to resume with minimal delay. That day, the granny was the hero!

You can catch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feAANF9QVt0