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Traffic chaos after the incident in Clapton.

Runaway bus terror in Hackney

PEDESTRIANS WERE terrified yesterday as a 254 bus appeared to go out of control in Lower Clapton Road, Hackney. The bus drove into the vehicles in front of it, pushing them down the road.

The incident happened just after 4.30pm, just as the rush hour was getting underway. Frightened passengers on the bus, which was heading for Aldgate, said they shouted at the driver to stop, but he appeared not to hear them and did not respond.

The bus pushes vehicles along the road

The bus pushes vehicles along the road

At least two vehicles were damaged by the bus, which also badly damaged its front. There were reports that two people had suffered minor injury. There were temporary road closures while the police dealt with the incident, including interviewing the bus driver.

Transport for London is investigating what happened. They will want to know whether the driver was suddenly taken ill – or whether other factors, which could have been foreseen, were the cause. Did the bus driver have health issues he had not reported? Did the bus suffer mechanical failure? Urgent answers are needed if the travelling public is to be reassured.

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