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Charity invests in education in Syria

ISLAMIC RELIEF is appealing for donations to support its work in providing education in Syria. The charity has been supporting education since 2012, during which time it has helped thousands of children cling on to their education.

Today, the charity is ensuring that 2,750 students do not lose out completely on an education as a result of the ongoing civil war. Islamic Relief is helping by:
building classrooms at five schools;
providing books and equipment;
helping to train 144 teachers and support staff.
Unfortunately, this work – appreciated though it is by those who benefit – is just a drop in the ocean of need.

Islamic Relief points out that children are all too often the victims in conflicts which are not of their making. Education is often one of the first services to collapse during a civil war. Lack of education drives children into working at a very young age and young girls are vulnerable to having to engage in marriage while they are still children.

In Syria today there are estimated to be some seven million children living in poverty. Too often they have been traumatised by having seen terrible cruelties, damaged physically and mentally, and they need help before they can adjust back to learning.

In their young lives, they have missed out on a stable upbringing in a peaceful society and on nutrition and healthcare. Islamic Relief believes that if they also lose out on education, they will never be able to make up for their disadvantaged start and they could become the lost generation of Syrian, unable to sustain the country’s economy.

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