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Has KFC had its chips?

THE CHIPS WERE DOWN at Kentucky Friend Chicken (KFC) outlets across the UK yesterday – but it wasn’t the fault of their potatoes. Over 450 KFC outlets were closed for business as they couldn’t get any chicken. Thousands of disgruntled ...

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Cancer risk in found processed food

IT’S NOT CONCLUSIVE, but a new study by French researchers has found a link between eating highly processed foods and the incidence of cancer. A “link” is not the same as proof of causation, but the findings are still significant. ...

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Muslim murderer gets 43 years

IT TOOK Daniel Osborne a couple of minutes to kill Makram Ali and injure several bystanders. It took nine days to try him for murder and attempted murder. It took the jury less than an hour to convict him. Osborne ...

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Is Wales facing extinction?

SIR ROBIN WALES, Mayor of Newham, is reported to be fighting for his political life as he goes through a Labour Party “trigger ballot” to determine whether he will be Labour’s candidate for mayor at this May’s elections. In most ...

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Biggs in flawed attempt to be a Labour rebel

LABOUR LOYALIST John Biggs, Executive Mayor of Tower Hamlets, is facing accusations of hypocrisy after adding his name to a letter in the Sunday Times headed “Labour Executive wrong to meddle”. In the letter, Labour Council Leaders declared independence from the Labour ...

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Corbyn pledges to house the homeless

JEREMY CORBYN has announced plans to tackle homelessness – with the first target being an emergency acquisition of 8,000 properties to accommodate people who are sleeping on the streets. The Labour Leader was speaking on BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show at ...

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