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UK terror threat “critical”

THE PRIME MINISTER has authorised raising the assessment of the level of threat the UK faces from terrorism to “critical” – the highest threat status. This level of threat is usually implemented when security forces have specific intelligence that a ...

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Strong, stable May does weak wobble

THERESA MAY has finally responded to her top colleagues’ Mayday call – and U-turned on her flagship social care policy just days after she invented it. The Prime Minister – who called a “cut and run” General Election to avoid ...

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Was Evha killed by second raft?

DETAILS EMERGING from the investigation into the death of Evha Jannath at Drayton Park have raised the horrendous possibility that the 11 year old did not lose conciousness but was mown down by a second raft. Evha was on a ...

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CAGE director faces prison to protect privacy

“I AM INNOCENT of these charges that have serious implications for journalists, lawyers and human rights defenders,” said Muhammad Rabbani, International Director of CAGE, the independent advocacy organisation. Mr Rabbani was speaking after being charged at Bethnal Green police station ...

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