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Buck stops with “Bungling Biggs”

“IT’S YET ANOTHER damning verdict on his mayoralty.” That’s how Tower Hamlets Independent Councillors describe yesterday’s announcement that the Government will send in “Intervention Advisors” to supervise Tower Hamlets Council’s work to improve Children’s Services, rated as “inadequate” by Ofsted this April. The Independent ...

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Indes grill Biggs on safety and services

A LACK OF leadership and consistent failures on governance, service delivery and keeping residents safe – that’s the criticism which the Tower Hamlets Independent Group of Councillors is throwing at Labour’s Mayor, John Biggs. The Indes cite an increase in ...

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National Cricket League hails cricket heroes

Emdad Rahman The National Cricket League (NCL) held its fifth awards at a glittering ceremony at the Oasis Banqueting suite in Thames Road, Barking. Guests in attendance included London Assembly member Unmesh Desai; Councillor Mukesh Patel; Arfan Arkam; Gulfraz Riaz; ...

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Local Labour relocates John “two jobs” Biggs

Last week the London Bangla newspaper shared a snapshot of the Tower Hamlets Labour Party website page devoted to John Biggs. Although it had been updated to show that Biggs was now Tower Hamlets mayor (as well as remaining a ...

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Labour muddles up its Khan’s and Khan’ts

What’s in a name? Perhaps it was inevitable that Cllr Rabina Khan would use the slogan “Yes We Khan!” – nothing wrong with a quick pun during an election campaign. Unfortunately, Tower Hamlets’ Rabina is not the only Khan in ...

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