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Council consults on new development

TOWER HAMLETS Council has announced that it is preparing a Brownfield Land Register – and members of the public are invited to nominate sites to the new system of record keeping. It all began in April, when the Government instructed Local ...

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Police play down Stratford attack

ON SUNDAY MORNING, police re-assessed the acid attack which took place in Stratford on Saturday evening – and reported that the incident was more self-contained that had previously been thought. The police confirmed that just before 8pm, an argument had ...

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EDL demo over before it began

The ultra-right wing English Defence League (EDL) called a demonstration in Chelmsford today, Sunday, 24th September – but the protest was over before it began. The extremists had announced they were going to protest about gangs grooming under-age girls, terrorism ...

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Bungle-Biggs leaves tenants in the doo-doo

JOHN BIGGS was flushed with success last week – but it’s all gone horribly wrong as a household in the Council’s new housing development at Watts Grove has spent their first few hours in their new flat wading through raw sewage. The Watts Grove development ...

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